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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Finally Some Content

Well it's about time I posted something to this blog, I suppose. I've been procrastinating because I'm really not the type to keep a diary or be at all comfortable talking about myself, and that kind of seems to be the objective of these things. Anyway here goes.

I just finished a two week long murder trial. There were two defendants, the one I represented and another, the DA's had a huge team, and the courtroom was very small. We were literally sitting on top of each other. In fact, the table my team sat at was not large enough for all of us to sit at at the same time. I wrote my notes in my lap most of the trial. To top it all off the air conditioning malfunctioned. At the end of one day the judge told us (because he had a little thermometer on his bench) that the temperature was 87 degrees. Much to hot. Truly some of the worst conditions under which I've ever tried a case.

Today was my first experience being a "legal analyst". KOA radio contacted me wanting commentary this morning from the defense perspective regarding the Michael Jackson trial. I was on at 6:30 a.m. Much too early if you ask me. Anyway the hosts asked some insightful questions, and I thought the whole thing went well.

Basically, I told them that the real difference in the MJ trial and other trials is the lack of physical evidence and witnesses to the actual events. Both a present in regular trials, but this trial was really about character and past actions of the victim, his family and the defendant. In my view that is really the unique thing about this trial.


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